Diesel Booms

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Manitou Man’Go 12

Working height maximum*11.9m
Platform height maximum9.91m
Horizontal reach maximum6.69m
Weight4150 kg
Lift Capacity230kg
Platform height9.91 m
Outreach3.15 m
Platform capacitykg (2 persons)
External use200 kg (1 person)
Basket size0.90*0.75 m
Overall length2.82 m
Overall width0.99 m
Overall height1.99 m
Ground clearance10 cm
Turning radius inside0.49 m
Turning radius Outside1.98 m
Turret rotation350°

Genie Z34/22 IC

Working height maximum*12.52m
Platform height maximum10.52m
Horizontal reach maximum6.78m
Lift Capacity227kg
Up and over clearance maximum4.57 m
Platform length0.76 m
Platform width1.42 m
Height - stowed2.00 m
Length - stowed5.64 m
Storage height2.26 m
Storage length4.08 m
Width1.73 m
Wheelbase1.88 m
Ground clearance - center0.15 m
Lift capacity227 kg
Platform rotation180°
Vertical jib rotation139°

Genie Z45/25J RT

Working height maximum*15.86m
Platform height maximum13.86m
Horizontal reach maximum7.52m
Lift Capacity227kg
Lift Capacity227kg
Platform height maximum13.86 m
Up and over clearance maximum7.14 m
Platform length0.76 m
Platform width1.83 m
Height - stowed2.13 m
Length - stowed6.65 m
E Width2.29 m
Wheelbase2.03 m
Ground clearance - center0.37 m
Lift capacity227 kg

Manitou 160 ATJ

Working height maximum*16.25m
Platform height maximum14.25m
Horizontal reach maximum8.3m
Lift Capacity230kg
Overall length7 m
External use :wind 45 km/h
Platform floor height14.25 m
Max. outreach9.10 m
Up and over clearance7.15 m
S.W.L.230 kg including 2 people
Length (transport position)5 m
Overall width2.30 m
Overall height2.37 m
Basket size1.80 m x 0.80 m
Ground clearance42.5 cm
Turning radius ins/outside1.32/3.66 m
Turret rotation350°
Basket rotation180°

Genie Z51/30J RT

Working height maximum*17.59m
Platform height maximum15.59m
Horizontal reach maximum9.37m
Lift Capacity227kg
Up-and-over clearance maximum7.39 m
Platform length0.76 m
Platform width1.83 m
Height - stowed2.13 m
Length - stowed7.58 m
Wheelbase2.03 m
Ground clearance - centre0.375 m
Platform rotation160°
Vertical jib rotation135° (+78°/-57°)
Turntable rotation355° non-continuous
Turntable tailswingzero

Nifty Lift HR21

Working height maximum*21.2m
Platform height maximum18.8m
Horizontal reach maximum13m
Lift Capacity225kg
Working Height20.8m
Working Outreach13m
Platform Height18.8m
Machine Height2.18m
Machine Length6.62m
Transport Length5.47m
Travel Speed6km/h
Turning Radius3.89m 12ft 9in
Minimum Weight6640kg 14640lbs

Genie S65

Working height maximum*21.8m
Platform height maximum19.80m
Horizontal reach maximum17.10m
Lift Capacity227kg
Below ground reach2.72 m
Platform length - 8 ft model0.91 m
Platform length - 6 ft model0.76 m
Platform width - 8 ft model2.44 m
Platform width - 6 ft model1.83 m
Height - stowed2.72 m
Length - stowed9.42 m
Length - transport (jib tucked under)7.60 m
Wheelbase2.51 m
Ground clearance - center0.37 m
Lift capacity227 kg
Platform rotation160°

Genie Z60/34

Working height maximum*20.39m
Platform height maximum18.39m
Horizontal reach maximum11m
Lift Capacity227kg
Up and over clearance maximum8.23 m
Platform length0.91 m
Platform width2.44 m
Height - stowed2.69 m
Length - stowed8.15 m
Wheelbase2.51 m
Ground clearance- centre 0.41 m
Lift capacity227 kg
Platform rotation180°
Vertical jib rotation90°
Turntable rotation360°
Drive speed - stowed3.0 mph
Drive speed - raised**0.68 mph